Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Why buy on Devotistyle?
  • Always exceptional prices.
  • Investment: At Devotistyle we sell authentic, quality fashion items at exclusive prices. 
  • Sustainability: Not only can you invest in unique fashion items it’s also sustainable. We honor the recycling of fashion quality items.
  • 14 day return policy.
  • Transparency: Buying and selling on our platform is safe, simple and transparent.
  • Exclusive: Shop luxurious vintage fashion. Our carefully hand picked items are classic, stylish and iconic.
  • Free shipping in Sweden. 
  • Customer care: Top customer service for both buyer and seller. For us customer satisfaction is essential. Contact us at any time: 


  • Sweden: delivery in 1-3 working days – FREE
  • Europe: delivery in 3-10 working days – approximately SEK400
  • Rest of the world: delivery in 3-20 working days – approximately SEK650

We ship worldwide with DHL and Postnord. DHL and Postnords dedication to excellence means full transparency for all shipments and you can always locate your package using your tracking number. Delivery notification will be sent via email or text message (SMS) when your package is ready for delivery and or pickup.

Packages that are not picked up

Packages that have not been picked up will be regarded as returned items. If a package has not been picked up in due time (according to post office) the package will be returned to Devotistyle. The buyer will be held responsible for all related fees and charges for return shipment (currently minimum SEK500).

Damaged items

If you suspect that your order has been damaged during transportation, or if you have received the wrong item or you find that the item(s) has been grossly misrepresented – please contact us immediately at:

If the purchased product is damaged after delivery, Devotistyle cannot be held responsible. If a product is returned damaged, used or with removed security tags no refund will be processed. The buyer can have the product back but will have to pay for the return delivery expenses. 

Return policy

All items can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of receipt. The buyer must contact us and inform of the cancelation immediately to: and ship the item within 14 days of receipt. It must be clearly stated in the message that the buyer wish to return the item. All items still in the buyer’s possession after 14 days of delivery will not be entitled to refund. The buyer is responsible to pay for the return delivery expenses of the product(s).

Once we receive the item back we will contact the buyer within 48 hours with a confirmation or decline. If confirmed, a full refund will be issued using the buyers original payment information. To process a refund takes approximately 10-14 working days. To avoid returns please read the descriptions and view the pictures carefully. Please ask us any questions to ensure satisfaction on purchase. You can contact us at any time at:

Return conditions: 

The items must be returned unused in the exact same condition as when delivered along with original box, dust bag and authenticity card (when available). The returned items must still have the security tags attached to them (if applicable). Returns must be traceable packages. Only once we received the item(s) and inspection is completed the refund can be approved or declined. Returns that are damaged or used will not be accepted for refund. We can send back the product, however, the buyer is responsible for the return delivery expenses.

Due to hygiene reasons earrings cannot be refunded.


Authenticity promise

We guarantee 100% authenticity!

We guarantee that each and every item sold on is authentic.

Devotistyle’s goal is to be a leading trusted source to buy and sell top quality authentic pre-owned fashion items. We have zero tolerance to fakes. Our philosophy: no fakes for a real lady.

Our guarantee of authenticity is our most important promise.

Condition rating

Please note that most vintage items have been pre-owned, therefore the items might have minor imperfections. All photos are of the actual item up for sale. Please view the pictures and read the product description carefully and ask all necessary questions before purchasing to avoid returns.

If you need any further information about the product or perhaps more pictures please don’t hesitate to contact us at: We will be more than happy to help!

We carefully examine and select all vintage products and do not sell any products with major defects. Most items are gently or rarely used. We do our best to describe the products condition. Please read our condition chart:

NEW: Never used, in perfect condition. No imperfections or signs of wear.

EXCELLENT: Gently used and in top condition. There may be few faint signs of wear, one or two minor flaws like slight scratches or marks which are not noticeable and will not affect the use or look of the item. The item looks almost new.

VERY GOOD: Used, well-loved item. May have a few imperfections such as: small stains, fading fabric, discoloration on metal, scratch on metal, scratches on fabric. The imperfections are small and not many; the item is overall in very good condition.

GOOD: Used with a few imperfections. There are slightly more noticeable signs of wear, scratches or marks. These will not affect the wear or use of the item. Our descriptions and photographs will clearly indicate the condition of the item.

VINTAGE: Used with imperfections. The product is in usable condition and looks good but you can tell it is vintage.

Why sell on Devotistyle?

There are many benefits with selling your pre-owned fashion items on Devotistyle. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Buying and selling on our platform is safe, simple and transparent.
  • Competitive commission – We can offer you one of the markets best commissions. We always strive towards a win-win outcome.
  • Make a quick and easy sell – You are very likely to make a quicker and much more profitable sale at Devotistyle. Our selling form is easy to fill in and we send out an offer in 1-3 working days.
  • If fixed price – You know exactly what you get and when.
  • If consignment – You know that you will get the best payment and you do not have to do anything, we take care of the selling process for you! We take care of the delivery, customer service and advertisement. You just sit back and relax.
  • Top customer service for both buyer and seller – For us customer care is essential. It’s our main priority. We are available almost 24/7, everything to make sure that the buyer and seller feels satisfied about the purchase/selling process.
  • Pictures – We take professional studio pictures of the product(s). Additionally, for most products on sale we also like to take inspirational outfit/streetstyle pictures.
  • Security – We always take extremely good care of the products and take responsibility for the entire selling process.
  • Confidentiality – Your personal data is confidential and will never be made public.
How to sell

The selling process is easy:  

  1. Seller form

Go to “sell” and fill in the seller form with product description, personal information and minimum three pictures of the item (different angels).

  1. Get a quote

Once we receive the form we will be able to tell you if we would like to sell the items(s) on Devotistyle. We will contact you within 1-3 working days. If we would like to sell the item(s) on Devotistyle’s website or purchase directly we will send you an offer that you can accept or decline. The price offer will be based on market valuation, condition, brand, popularity, and costs of presenting and selling the item.

  1. Send the product

If a deal is made we will provide you with a Free FedEx shipping label. Print out the packing slip and send the item(s) to us. The seller is obligated to pack the item(s) securely so that no damage can be done. Sensitive item(s) might need extra protective packaging. Please always insure delivery with tracking number.

When we receive the item we will inspect its condition and its authenticity. If the item does not match to its description and provided information we have the right to send the item back and close the offer. Devotistyle reserves the right to refuse and close a deal at any time without stating any reason. If the offer is declined we will inform the seller via e-mail and return the sales item to the seller at the sellers expense. 

You can also book an appointment in Stockholm. Send us an e-mail at: and we can arrange a date and time to meet. 

  1. Get paid!

If the deal was a direct payment than once we receive your item we will remit payment within 1-5 bank days.

If consignment, the profit on sale will be paid out as soon as the product is sold on our website.

Get a free quote today!

Answer some questions and snap a few pictures of the items you wish to sell or consign.

Direct Buy

In some cases we do offer a direct purchase on item, meaning Devotistyle buys the product directly. As soon as we receive and verified the item we will complete the payment.

This method is applicable for who wants a quick selling process and does not want to wait for the product to be sold on our website. We always offer very fair prices. However, the direct payment is less profitable then consignment.


If you choose to consign with us, we will send the profit on sale as soon as the item(s) has been sold on our website. Consignment offers you the highest return. We ensure maximum payout! We will take professional studio picture, present the item and work hard for a quick sell. Once the item has been sold we will notify you by email. Most items sell within 2-12 weeks.

Terms and conditions for selling

We do not accept products with:

  • Holes.
  • Stains.
  • Missing buttons.
  • Very visible signs of wear, odor or other significant defects.
  • Any design items that cannot be determined as authentic. All designer items must be authentic. We have zero tolerance for counterfeit. All design items are carefully checked to ensure authenticity and top quality.
  • Items at a price higher than their initial market value.
  • Dirty items.
  • If an item has been repaired; it must have been done so by the brand itself. We do not offer any product repairs.

Basically, we only accept the best.

We accept:

  • Bags, jackets, dresses, scarfs, accessories, sunglasses, shoes and belts.
  • The condition of the item must be very good.
  • Item must be clean, fresh and well-kept.

Terms when selling:

  • In regards to direct payment, if any item is found to be counterfeit Devotistyle has the right to request any funds issued for the item within 35 days of purchasing the item. The seller agrees to return all funds issued for counterfeit item(s).
  • Items will not be deemed authentic until received and reviewed by our Authentication Expert.
  • Quotes might change once the item has been investigated. Before determine the quote we must check the overall condition.

Contract consign

If the consign item has not sold after 90 days both Devotistyle and the seller have the right to terminate the agreement/consign contract and the product can be sent back to the seller. If the seller decides to terminate the agreement before 90 days a termination fee will apply of SEK200 plus pay back on all costs related for advertising the product(s).

FAQ Selling

What happens if the items do not sell?

If the item does not sell as fast as predicted we might consider reducing the selling price/make a discount on the item. We will then contact the consignor to get an agreement on the new price. If the consignor does not accept a reduced price we can return the item. 

How much commission does Devotistyle take for selling my item?

We do take a small cut for our work, but it’s a very fair cut! Exact percentage on commission varies depending on costs for presenting the item, advertisement and so on. However, looking at the consignment market we do have a low commission. For us it is important with fairness, a good deal for both parties and trust. That is our main focus. We always strive towards a win-win outcome. 

Can I negotiate the prices on the website?

No, the prices are under no circumstances negotiable. We already offer the most optimized price.

Do you ever reduce the price?

We do at some points have sales and discounts! Email us for more infomration at: 

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

Our secure online checkout systems are provided by Stripe, Swish and Klarna. Your purchase is made on an entirely secured site that is insured by our partners.

Send us an email

Send us email at or use the form below.