Welcome to Devotistyle.com!

We are a Scandinavian based vintage online boutique with worldwide shipping. At Devotistyle you can invest in the finest pieces of vintage fashion. Devotistyle items are mainly a mixture of classic femininity and iconic 90s style. Our main priorities are: customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty. On Devotistyle you can find the most fabulous, timeless and unique fashion items from top exclusive brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and many more.


There are many great reasons to buy vintage fashion. By investing in vintage clothing rather than mass-produced fast fashion you are technically recycling and shopping in a much more sustainable manner. Vintage is fun, exclusive, creative and an amazing chance to bargain. We believe vintage items adds a unique and personal touch to a look. Vintage is original and environmentally friendly that’s why we love it!

Devoti = Italian

Italy is the home of the world’s most successful fashion designers. Italian design stands for exclusivity, excellent tailoring, top quality fabric and creativity. Due to these reasons most of the items sold on Devotistyle are made in Italy. We only sell the best!

Our motto: less is more. One well-made product is better than many average quality ones. Turn your wardrobe into an investment for life. Shop not only 100% authentic items but also top quality items at exceptional prices.

Happy shopping!